phot’ ism –

".....the sensation  of  light  accompanying  another  sensation  or  thought”

luke payn_art at advent_for web

Image for Art At Advent, an advent calender for St.Johns Church Peterborough,
with 25 different artists creating a piece for each day of advent.
I was lucky enough to be Day 1, Sunday December 1st.

“Defining photography is impossible. Revealing it is another matter.”

I am a photographer & image-maker based in East Anglia,
I work with a diverse range of clients,
including delivering participatory programmes and projects.

I am passionate about the still and moving photographic images
as a means of communicating the mutability of experienced reality,
photogenic reality, and a possible spiritual reality.

The photograph is a token of truth, but as a currency its value fluctuates
and is transformed each time it is exchanged.

The work transmutes from object to sign and back again,
the familiar with the exotic, the mundane and the mythical.

Techniques can be taken from stories, ideas, music or language
to inspire proposition, process and method.

I am committed to empowering women and men by bringing people together
to forge communities, develop their creative skills,
facilitate their reconciliation with nature and
ultimately a contribution to individual and social transformation.
 email me with any questions,  comments or feedback on my work. 
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